Author Alert: Check Your Book Description & Keywords on Amazon

Amazon has pulled down books that contain author names and book titles in their description and keywords. Most of this keyword use has occurred in the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program; some authors were warned to change their keywords, while others found their books were simply pulled off the site. Check your book description and […]

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Secrets to Ebook Success as Ebook Publishing Gets More Difficult

In the wake of many authors reporting lower, or stalled, sales, Smashwords’ CEO Mark Coker discusses the future of ebook publishing and how authors can remain competitive. Coker believes this is time for authors to hunker down, remember why they became writers in the first place, and make some big decisions about how to go […]

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5 Ways to Make Kindle Unlimited Work for You

Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s new subscription service. Members can read books that are enrolled in the program for a monthly fee, although they are limited to 10 books at a time. What does this mean for authors? The jury is still out for non-fiction at this point, but KU does seem to have great potential […]

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How to Create the Perfect Website: Links to Other Sites

If you’re going to go through all the trouble of putting yourself “out there” on the Internet, you should make sure the footprint you leave is lasting. You can do this by developing a list of sites your consumer will find valuable, as well as sites that have a long-standing and solid reputation in the […]

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50 Tips to Keep You Tweeting

The Twitter stream fills up quickly, and it can be overwhelming sometimes. But there are many ways you can find good content to share; in fact, here are 50 ideas: 1. Retweet content from experts in your niche. 2. Jokes or humorous quotes can spread cheer. 3. Check Twitter’s trending topics and join in the conversation! 4. Inspirational quotes […]

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The Importance of an Author Marketing Plan

It’s a common refrain among new authors: I’ve written a book. What should I do now? These authors didn’t do any work pre-publication to identify their target readers and how to find and reach them. Now that their book is out, they’re stuck. That’s where a marketing plan comes in. Ideally, authors would start this process before […]

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Have You Used Street Teams to Promote Your Book?

How competitive is publishing? According to Bowker, there were more than 1.4 million books published in 2013. That translates into 3,871 new books published daily. So setting yourself apart from the crowd is vital to success. That’s where a street team comes in. These people can help spread the word about your book. If you […]

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