Author Alert: Check Your Book Description & Keywords on Amazon

Amazon has pulled down books that contain author names and book titles in their description and keywords. Most of this keyword use has occurred in the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program; some authors were warned to change their keywords, while others found their books were simply pulled off the site. Check your book description and […]

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How to Create Audio Versions of Your Book

Audio for Customers My friends love to listen to books while they exercise or drive. I never do this because I like to read a book, not hear it. However, customers should be able to access books in any way they want. Here are three organizations that produce audiobooks: Audible markets a collection of approximately […]

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How Authors Can Market Themselves as Experts

It’s a common piece of advice to authors: “You need to be an expert!” Nonfiction authors may find it’s a natural process, but there are plenty of opportunities for fiction authors, too. Eve Bridburg of Grub Street Reads offers some great insights.

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Simple Ways to Finding the Perfect Keywords on YouTube

Learn how you can find the right keywords for YouTube. You will make more YouTube sales when you use the right keywords. James Wedmore offers easy and innovative ideas!

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Secrets to Using Pinterest Tools for Promoting Your Book

Learn how to boost your images or your promotion on Pinterest. Melanie Duncan discussed Pinterest promotion at Social Media Marketing World, and she offered some great marketing ideas along with ways to grab more traffic on Pinterest!

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How to Price Your Self-Published Book: KDP Select

Our friends at Kindle Direct Publishing offer another kind of pricing paradigm. It’s a program we mentioned in the previous chapter called KDP Select. In exchange for a ninety-day Amazon exclusive, your book goes into the “Lending Library” and you can offer the book for free for up to five days. People who own Kindle […]

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How to Find the Perfect Keywords

If keywords confuse you, you’re not alone. Many authors aren’t sure which keywords will work for them, or how to find the best keywords to use. This video will show you how to find the perfect keywords for your blog and website!  

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