Author Alert: Check Your Book Description & Keywords on Amazon

Amazon has pulled down books that contain author names and book titles in their description and keywords. Most of this keyword use has occurred in the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program; some authors were warned to change their keywords, while others found their books were simply pulled off the site. Check your book description and […]

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How to Create the Perfect Website: Where to Put Your Buy Button

Once you build your site and everything is working, do not make your visitor search all over your site in order to buy from you! Put your BUY NOW button in an obvious, easy-to-find space. You may be laughing now, but we’ve worked with many businesses who buried the BUY NOW button so deep in […]

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How to Make an SEO Friendly Video That Will Get You Noticed

These days, publishers are turning to YouTube to look for authors. That’s how important the site has become. And, when you create a YouTube video the site automatically transcribes your video. Be sure to include your keywords in your video as well as in your title and description – it will really increase your exposure! […]

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Social Media Rules for Authors

Many authors find social media overwhelming: there are so many sites, so many choices. However, just follow these guidelines and you’ll find social media manageable and even enjoyable! 1. Consistency counts: If you’re going to have an account on a social media site, use it. Create a regular posting schedule and stick to it. 2. Keep […]

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How to Create Pitches the Media Will Love

Many authors don’t understand how the media work and as a result their pitches fall on deaf ears. “Before pitching, read it, visualize it and think of yourself standing in front of that table and reading that pitch,” says former CBS News executive Batt Humphreys. Ultimately, a good pitch will make a reporter look good. Learn […]

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Forget Boring Book Events – Be Creative!

There’s probably nothing worse than seeing an author sitting alone in a bookstore with a stack of books as customers walk blindly by. It doesn’t have to be that way. Book events don’t have to include bookstores. Try a party, for instance. Everyone loves a good party! And, think beyond the bookstore. Perhaps the setting […]

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What Authors Should Know About Amazon Book Categories

When you select your book’s category on Amazon it’s important to understand that Amazon has a separate setup for print books and ebooks. You’re allowed two categories per book, and many authors pick the broadest category possible, thinking it will provide the best exposure. However, you want to find the smallest niche you can for […]

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