Author Alert: Check Your Book Description & Keywords on Amazon

Amazon has pulled down books that contain author names and book titles in their description and keywords. Most of this keyword use has occurred in the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program; some authors were warned to change their keywords, while others found their books were simply pulled off the site. Check your book description and […]

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Top 40+ Sites to Promote Your Free eBook

One way to reach readers is to offer them a free ebook. But once you’ve made the ebook free, you need to let readers know your ebook is available. This list of sites can help get the word out. Many of the sites accept free submissions, while some are paid or have paid options. There […]

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How to Create the Perfect Website: Finding Your Keywords

Figure out what you want your keywords to be. What sort of searches do you want to come up for? This is important because pinning yourself to the wrong search term could get you poor results. Getting someone too early or too late in the buying process may get you a lot of traffic, but […]

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6 Ways to Resuscitate Your Novel

“I suggest we remove the entire first chapter,” my agent said. Really, I thought, but that’s where I set up the chaos that’s become my life. “I almost stopped reading,” she said, “but I’m more patient than most.” “What’s wrong with it?” I asked, not understanding why. She told me it was too poetic, too […]

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How to Build a Mailing List to Help You Sell More Books

Every author should collect email addresses – it’s the best way to stay in touch with your readers. When you have their email addresses, you can market to them on a regular basis. Many authors, however, aren’t sure what to do, or when. Learn how to build a good list and develop a newsworthy newsletter […]

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Finding New Readers: Communities That Can Boost Exposure

There’s been a lot of growth in reading and writing communities online, and these sites present an excellent opportunity for authors to connect with readers. You can find beta readers, get feedback on your writing, join writing competitions, and much more. Bigger sites like Wattpad and authonomy collaborate with media and publishing houses, while WEbook lets writers pitch directly […]

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How Authors Can Use Amazon’s Pre-Order Feature

Did you  know Amazon now allows pre-orders for KDP authors (Kindle Direct Publishing)? This feature used to be available only to traditionally published authors. This is a great option for self-published authors to help build pre-publication buzz for their books. But, there are things you need to know before you leap into this. We’ll walk you through […]

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